Choosing to worship OUR FATHER WHO ARE IN HEAVEN in spirit and truth or paying allegiance to the father of lies is the biggest examination we are having while on earth!

Photo by Dmitrii Rogov on Unsplash

Thank you OUR FATHER WHO ARE IN HEAVEN in YOUR ONLY BEGOTTEN SON’S name for assuring candidates that received results that whatever results they got you have excellent plans in their lives.Thank you for reminding them there is more to life than passing examinations.Indeed the biggest test that you have given us all on earth is to choose to worship thee in spirit and truth and inherit your glorious everlasting kingdom upon the 2nd coming of YOUR DEAR BELOVED SON or choose to reject the sacrifice of YOUR OWN SON in calvary and fail to enter heaven on the advent of THE LORD OF THE 7TH DAY SABBATH,JESUS CHRIST.



Martin Ongau Mokaya

Enthusiastic Writer (Appointed by OUR HEAVENLY FATHER in HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN DEAR BELOVED SON’S name) of the Everlasting Gospel to all the world.