Why should you miss heaven because of enjoying temporary ungodly pleasures and leisure?

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For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?(Mark 8:36).

Repent iniquity of Adultery and Fornication

My son keep your father’s commandment, and forsake not the law of your mother: Bind them continually upon your heart, and tie them about your neck. When you go,it shall lead you; when you sleep, it shall keep you; and when you awake,it shall talk with you. For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life: To keep you from the evil woman, from the flattery of the tongue of a strange woman. Lust not after her beauty in your heart; neither let her take you with her eyelids. For by means of a whorish woman is a man brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life. Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned? Can one go upon hot coals, and his feet not be burned? So is he that goes in to his neighbour’s wife; whosoever touches her shall not be innocent. Men do not despise a thief, if he steal to satisfy his soul when hungry; But if he found, he shall restore sevenfold; he shall give substance of his house. But whosoever commits adultery with a woman lacks understanding; he that does it destroys his own soul. A wound and dishonour shall he get; and his reproach shall not be wiped away.(Proverbs 6:20-33).

Parable of the Greedy Rich man

And he spoke a parable unto them, saying, the ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully: And he thought within himself, saying, what shall I do, because I have no room where to bestow my crops? And he said, this will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my fruits and my goods. And I will say to my soul, soul, you have much goods laid up for many years; take your ease,eat, drink, and be merry. But ALUAYHM said unto him,- you fool, this night your soul shall be required of you: then whose things be, which you have provided? So is he that lays up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward ALUAYHM.(Luke 12:16–21).

Repent iniquity of Drunkenness

Who has woe? who has sorrow? who has contentions? who has babblings? who has wounds without cause? who has redness of eyes? They that tarry long at the wine; they that seek mixed wine. Look not upon the wine when it is red, when it gives its colour in the cup, when it moves itself aright. At last it bites like a serpent,and stings like an adder. Your eyes shall behold strange women, and your heart shall utter perverse things. Yea, you shall be as he that lies down in the midst of the sea, or as he that lies upon the top of the mast. They have stricken me, shall you say, and I was not sick; they have beaten me,and I felt it not: when shall I awake? I will seek it yet again.(Proverbs 23:29–35).

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Solomon’s wives and concubines draw away his heart unto other gods

But king Solomon loved many strange women, together with the daughter of Pharaoh, women of the Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, and Hittites; Of the nations concerning which YAHUAH said unto the children of Israel,You shall not go in to them, neither shall they come in unto you: for surely they will turn your heart after their gods: Solomon clave unto these in love. And he had 700 wives, princesses and 300 concubines: and his wives turned away his heart. For it came to pass, when Solomon was old, that his wives turned away his heart after other gods: and his heart was not perfect with YAHUAH ALUAYHM, as was the heart of David his father. For Solomon went after Ashtoreth the goddess of the Zidonians,and after Milcom the abomination of the Ammonites. And Solomon did evil in the sight of YAHUAH, and went not after YAHUAH, as did David his father. Then did Solomon build an high place for Chemosh, the abomination of the Moab, in the hill that is before Jerusalem, and for Molech, the abomination of the Ammon. And likewise did he for all his strange wives, who burnt incense and sacrificed unto their gods. And YAHUAH was angry with Solomon,because his heart was turned from YAHUAH,ALUAYHM of Israel, who had appeared unto him twice. And had commanded him concerning this thing, that he shoud not go after other gods:but he kept not that which YAHUAH commanded. Wherefore YAHUAH said unto Solomon, Forasmuch as this is done of you, and you have not kept my covenant and my statutes,which I have commanded thee, I will surely rend the kingdom from you,and will give it to your servant.(1Kings 11:1-11).

Samson loves Delilah who betrays him

And it came to pass afterward, that he(Samson) loved a woman in the valley of Sorek, whose name was Delilah. And the lords of the Philistines came up unto her, and said unto her, entice him, and see wherein his great strength lies, and by what means we may prevail against him, that we may bind him to afflict him; and we will give you every one of us 1,100 pieces of silver.(Judges 16:4–5)……….And Delilah said to Samson, Hitherto you have mocked me, and told me, and told me lies: tell me wherewith you might be bound. And he said unto her, If you weave the 7 locks of my head with the web. And she fastened it with the pin, and said unto him, the philistines be upon you, Samson. And he awoke from his sleep, and went away with the pin of the beam and with the web. And she said unto him, How can you say, I love you, when your heart is not with me? you have mocked me these 3 times, and have not told me wherein your great strength lies. And it came to pass, when she pressed him daily with her words, and urged him, so that his soul was vexed unto death; That he told her all his heart, and said unto her, there has not come a razor upon mine head; for I have been a Nazarite unto ALUAYHM from my mother’s womb: If I be shaven, then, then my strength will go from me, and I shall become weak, and be like any other man. And when Delilah saw that he had told her all his heart,she sent and called for the lords of the Philistines,saying,come up this once,for he has showed me all his heart,Then the Philistines came up unto her,and brought money in their hand. And she made him to sleep upon her knees;and she called for a man,and she caused him to shave off the 7 locks of his head;and she began to afflict him,and his strength went from him. And she said,the Philistines be upon you,Samson. And he awoke out of his sleep and said,I will go out as other times before, and shake myself. And he did not know that YAHUAH was departed from him. But the Philistines took him, and put out his eyes, and brought him down to Gaza and bound him with fetters of brass;and he did grind in the prison house. Howbeit the hair of his head began to grow again after he was shaven. Then the lords of the Philistines gathered them together to offer a great sacrifice unto Dagon their god, and to rejoice for they said, our god has delivered Samson our enemy into our hand. And when the people saw him, they praised their god: for they said, our god has delivered into our hands our enemy, and the destroyer of our country, who slew many of us. And it came to pass, when their hearts were merry, that they said, call for Samson, that he may partake of the sport. And they called for Samson out of the prison house; and he made them sport: and they set him between the pillars. And Samson said unto the lad that held him by the hand, allow me that I may feel the pillars whereupon the house stands, that I may lean upon them. Now the house was full of men and women;and all the lords of the Philistines were there;and there were upon the roof about 3,000 men and women, that beheld while Samson made the sport.And Samson called unto YAHUAH, and said, O YAHUAH ALUAYHM,remember me,I pray you,and strengthen me,I pray you,only this once,O ALUAYHM,that I may be at once avenged of the Philistines for my 2 eyes. And Samson took hold of the 2 middle pillars upon which the house stood, and on which it was borne up, of the one with his right hand, and of the other with his left. And Samson said, let me die with the Philistines. And he bowed himself with all his might; and the house fell upon the lords, and upon all the people that were therein. So the dead who he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life.Then his brethren and all the house of his father came down,and took him, and brought him up, and buried him between Zorah and Estaol in the burying place of Manoah his father.And he judged Israel 20 years.(Judges 16:13- 31).

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Do not despise Wisdom

Wisdom cries without; she utters her voice in the streets: She cries in the place of the concourse, in the openings of the gates: in the city she utters her words, saying:How long you simple ones, will you love simplicity? and the scorners delight in scorning, and the fools hate knowledge? Turn you at my reproof: behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you. Because I have called you and you refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; But you have set at nought all my counsel, and would none of my reproof: I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear comes; When your fear comes as a desolation and your destruction comes as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish comes upon you. Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me. For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of YAHUAH: They would none of my counsel: they despised all my reproof. Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices. For the turning of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall destroy them. But whosoever hearkened unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.(Proverbs 1:20–33).

Truly the light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun: But if a man live many years, and rejoice in them all; yet let him remember the days of darkness; for they shall be many. All that comes is vanity. Rejoice, O young man, in your youth; and let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth, and walk in the of your heart, and in the sight of your eyes: but know you, that for all these things ALUAYHM shall bring thee into judgement. Therefore remove sorrow from your heart, and put away evil from your flesh :for childhood and youth are vanity.(Ecclesiastes 11:7–10).

Remember now YOUR CREATOR in the days of your youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when you shall say, I have no pleasure in them; While the sun, or the light, or the moon, or the stars, be not darkened, nor the clouds return after the rain: In the day when keepers of the house shall tremble, and the strong men shall bow themselves, and the grinders cease because they are few, and those that look out of the windows be darkened, And the doors shall be shut in the streets, when the sound of the grinding is low, and he shall rise up at the voice of the bird, and all the daughters of music shall be brought low; Also when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, and the desire shall fail because man goes to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets: Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto ALUAYHM who gave it.(Ecclesiastes 12:1–7).

Vanity of vanities, said the preacher; all is vanity. And moreover because the preacher was wise, he still taught the people knowledge; yea, he gave good heed and sought out many proverbs. The preacher sought to find out acceptable words: and that which was written was upright, even the words of truth. The words of the wise are as goads, and as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, which are given from one shepherd.- And further by these my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end; and much study is a weariness of the flesh.(Ecclesiastes 12:8–12).

Whole duty of human beings on earth

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: FEAR ALUAYHM, and keep his commandments: for THIS IS THE WHOLE DUTY OF man. For ALUAYHM shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.(Ecclesiastes 12:13–14).

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